Das Prozedere


REGISTER by completing the Online Registration Form. This includes your biodata, personal credentials and requirements. You will also upload at least one photograph. Guidance Notes:
  • It is important that you provide the correct details on your registration form to ensure validation takes place efficiently. You will get an e-mail message acknowledging your registration.
  • Be flexible about your requirements – not all marriages are made in Bollywood!
  • Rest assured that photos will never be shared without your prior consent as confidentiality is our top priority.
Following validation, you will be allocated a FACILITATOR. Guidance Notes:
  • This is for UK Residents ONLY and if there are any problems with validation, the relevant National Secretary will contact you to get more information.
  • For Non-UK Residents, validation will be through Wakalat Tabshir.
Facilitator contacts you to discuss and finalise your PROFILE. Guidance Notes:
  • It is important that you discuss your requirements openly with your facilitator because they will be your main point of contact when discussing your selected matches.


You commence your SEARCH for matches online.
You would be allowed to select up to 3 proposals at a time.
Guidance Notes:
  • Please try to be as flexible as possible.


If both parties AGREE to proceed, facilitator can EXCHANGE photos. Guidance Notes:
  • Photos will be shared through a secure link and would be accessible for a limited time.
  • Taking a copy of shared photographs is not permitted under any circumstances. This is contrary to UK Jama'at guidelines and current UK legislation.
If both parties still consent to proceed, facilitator EXCHANGE contact details. Guidance Notes:
  • It is strongly recommended to meet with the other candidate and their family if you are happy with the profile.
Individual INFORM their Facilitator of the outcome. Guidance Notes:
  • We would ask for a clear feedback from both families should you decide to withdraw your interest at this stage.
  • This is to ensure that our understanding of your requirements is correct.
In the event of a successful outcome, we will CLOSE your and the other Candidate's online account.